9/2 - Full Show - The Gabe & Nina Podcast

September 2, 2020
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Miss anything on today's episode of Gabe & Nina ? We got you covered, listen to the entire episode or pick up where you left off using the markers.


Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - Snoop Dogg and gin goes together like gin ... & juice ? The artist finally landed his over own gin branded, but the real question is who wants to try some?


Throwback Trivia - In 2011, Tao Cruz had all the clubs playing this hit song. The lyrics went like " We gon' light it up, like it's...." What was the name of the song?


Are You Superstitious - How often are you knocking on wood to prevent jinx from happening ? Do you avoid stepping on cracks ? Gabe & Nina want to know how superstitious are you and what are some superstitions you believe in ?


Baby Daddy Check-In - Gabe is having full conversations with his daughter, what do they sound like ? Gabe shows us on the baby daddy check-in.


Wake Up Wars - Team Gabe & Team Nina are tied up, it's a short week so every win is more valuable. Daniel will represent for the fellas and the ladies will have Jennifer to represent for them.


Mama Meredith Joins The Show - Meredith is in need of some financial support from her son, Tom. Money isn't an issue, but Tom wants to check in with his wife to make sure it's okay first. Mama Meredith doesn't understand why she can't get her money now. What should Tom do ?


Lie Detectors - Thalia joins the lie detectors because she thinks her brother is still friends with a guy who cheated on her. Her brother has denied it , but it's time to get to the bottom of this.


Nina's Hammer - Nina was recording her podcast around movie props and found a hammer belonging to the god of thunder. 


Nina @ 9:30 - Fellas' Nina is here to upgrade your compliment game. On this Nina @9:30, Nina tells us why just saying things like "you're beautiful", probably won't get you anywhere.