Stop Relying on Instagram Likes For a Rush of Dopamine: Here's 7 Natural Ways Instead

You'll make it.

April 30, 2019
Martinmark   |

Martinmark |


Instagram influencers everywhere are shaking as the platform is considering and testing hiding 'likes' on photos. 

Many studies have associated a dopamine rush with getting likes on photos. Long-term this could be better for mental health. But here's some ways you can replace the wave of excitement and happiness if this test passes. And for the love of God, please do whether the test passes or not. These rushes of dopamine are longer lasting and more beneficial for you:

1. Get enough sleep

2. Exercise

3. Listen to music

4. Meditate


6. Get a massage

7. Eat protein

Seems silly... but they're considering getting rid of it for a reason!