11 Reasons Why Winter in Chicago Isn't All That Bad

Have you ever seen a city handle frigid temps better than Chicago?

November 15, 2018

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You can definitely focus on all the negatives about "Chiberia," or you can enjoy the season for what it is -- a fresh slate to explore the city of Chicago with a new pair of eyes. 

Just because it's cold and snowing, doesn't mean Chicago hibernates all winter. In fact, the city comes alive with activities and seasonal offerings. 

Here are a few reasons why we love winter in Chicago! 

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1. You can ice skate at Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon!

2. One word: Glühwein at Christkindlmarket. 

3. Heated rooftops that offer up amazing, twinkling views of the city. 

4. The decorations make the city much more beautiful.

5. The cold is necessary for us to appreciate how the summers. 

6. Snow days... and work from home days. 

7. The pedway system saves lives if you're feeling particularly chilly and don't want to emerge in the sub-zero temps. 

8. Sports. You have more time to watch them because it's cold and we have some stellar teams like the Bulls and the Blackhawks. 

9. The cuisine. It's perfectly okay to put on a few extra pounds to keep you warm this winter. And you can easily do so by visiting all the delicious restaurants in Chicago and indulging in comfort food! 

10. Commuting in the city is fairly easy because the city is always prepared with snow plows to keep the streets clear! 

11. But by far, the best thing part of Chicago winters is that you can wear ANYTHING you want. No one will judge you because guess what, everyone is equally as freezing. 


So look on the bright side, it may be cold until mid-April but at least we live a city that embraces and continues to function in the frigid temps.