6 Things to Do in Chicago When the Weather Is a Dream!

Snow is so yesterday!

April 10, 2018

© Jinnee | Dreamstime.com


Calendar-wise, it's been spring for quite some time but unfortunately, the weather hasn't been cooperating. 

However, this Thursday, we're hitting the 70 DEGREES MARK!

Here are a few things you can do today to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather before temps drop back to 30 and 40 degrees by the weekend. (It's supposed to snow again on Sunday - bummer!) 


1. Jog outside! 

You've been cooped up in the gym for far too long! Head out for a jog and enjoy a change of scenery while getting your work out in. 


2. Drink a margarita!

It's 70 degrees out and some patios are OPEN!


3. Take Your Dog to the Park

You're not the only one who has been cooped up in the house all winter, you're dog has spent most of his or her time inside as well!  I'm sure Fido would love to go for an extended walk and/or run in the dog park!


4. Have a Barbecue!

If temps go back to normal, the next time you'll be able to grill yourself a burger will be in a few months. Use this time wisely and make yourself a delicious dinner!


5. Check out The Morton Arboretum

They have a ton of activities and a few are even outdoors!


6. Take a Stroll By The Lake

It might be a little windier and colder by the lake but it's all worth it!


BONUS: Open your windows at home and let that breeze in. You'll get rid of all the stuffy winter air and for a brief moment, you'll feel like it's already summer!