8 Bloomin' Things to Do in Chicago Now That It's Spring

Springtime, it felt like you'd never come.

March 19, 2019

Jinnee | Dreamstime.com


Spring is officially here.

While it may seem like far of because of the current cold weather, it's comforting to know warmer day are ahead. 

As the city (and surrounding suburbs) unthaw from an especially brutal winter, Chicagoans are excited to finally exit hibernation and get out into the real world. 

Here's what you can do around the city when the temps finally hike back up. 


Go for a jog on the 606

You've been cooped up in the house for several months and unless you've been going to the gym or doing online classes, you haven't gotten a whole lot of exercise this winter. Anyone else hate changing into work out clothes when it's chilly in the house? Get back into the active lifestyle by going for a jog or bike ride on the 606! 


Take Fido to the dog park

You're not the only one that's been cooped up in the house. Poor Fido has been sitting at home staring out the window just dreaming of warmer days and longer walks. As the weather heats up, take Fido on an extended to the park and even encourage some socialization with the other doggos!


Catch a Cubs or Sox Game

Baseball season is back! Whether you cheer for the Cubs or Sox, we're all just happy that we can get out there and catch a game with friends or the kids.


Get some Ice Cream

There's no better time to treat yourself to some ice cream or delicious desserts then spring! It's not hot enough to melt your ice cream but you also aren't cold eating it.  Chicago is home to some really unique and creative desserts sports so why not visit them all and cross 'em off your list?


Check Out Mural Art

Whimsical art installations can be found all around the city. Explore the neighborhoods while simultaneously sprucing up your Instagram page with photos taken by some impressive murals. 


Enjoy a cocktail at one of the many rooftops

When the temps go high, restaurants and cafes immediately open up their rooftop and sidewalk seating. There's really no better sign that warmer days are on the horizon than seeing outside chairs and tables being set up. Spring is the perfect season for patio weather. 


Start Planting Flowers

Have you been spending all your time on Pinterest this winter looking at how to make your outdoor patio and garden look picture perfect? Well, what are you waiting for? Get to planting and landscaping! 


Architecture Cruise

Once in a while, it's nice to become one with the city. The architecture tour is a serene journey through the downtown area which can easily be overlooked in the chaos, hustle and bustle. Who knows, you may even learn something new about your city?