Ariana Grande Performs "Boyfriend" Live For the First Time with Social House at Lollapalooza

Social House tells us that location where they filmed "Boyfriend" was haunted!

August 5, 2019

Arianators at Lollapalooza were in for a treat on Sunday evening. 

Not only did Ariana Grande perform her new single "Boyfriend" for the first time ever at Grant Park, but she also brought out collaborators, Social House! 

The performance only further fueled those romance rumors between Ari and Mikey Foster. (Neither of them has confirmed nor denied the rumors.)

“That awkward moment when you get him to break up with his girlfriend and he still doesn’t want a girlfriend,” Grande said right before the performance.

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Social House's Mikey and Scootie have been opening up for her on the Sweetener Tour and after their collaboration, 

We caught up with Mikey and Scootie Anderson backstage to get the scoop on the supposedly haunted house that served as a backdrop for "Boyfriend."

"We really think it was," Mikey said adding that there was a "mini prison with bars and a chair for a classroom."

You have to watch the full video above for Mikey's theory on what happened in said creepy basement. 

Oh, and it also had underground TUNNELS leading to the haunted basement. 

All of this haunted talk revealed that Mikey loves being creeped out and would love to write a scary movie one day. 

Julia suggested that maybe they can drop a whole Halloween album this October and well, they seemed interested.

Fans - do you want a Halloween album from Social House? Maybe Ari will lend her vocals to some spooky tracks?

It cannot be a coincidence that Ariana is dating someone who is equally as obsessed with Halloween as she is.