Ashlee Simpson Ross & Evan Ross Tease New Song 'Phases,' Working Together, and Their Perfect Date Night

We cannot wait to hear new music from the Rosses.

March 21, 2019

Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross stopped by the B96 BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage to promote their upcoming single, "Phases."

"It's so fun cause we get to be with each other," Evan said about working with Ashlee in a creative capacity. 

However, they are gearing up to put out some solo music eventually and he admitted that it will be weird "not working with each other."

The Simpson-Ross family has been expanding over the years with Jessica Simpson, Ashlee's older sister, adding to the brood yesterday with baby Birdie. Congrats.

But that means Ashlee and Evan have to focus on their kiddos just as much as they do on their music. 

They admitted that the kids are their entertainers now and they teach them a thing or two about popular music.

Who do the Simpson-Ross children love to listen to in the car on the way to school? Marshmello. 

And what does a family day for them consist of? "A lot of laughs," Evan reveals. 

As for date night, you can never go wrong with sushi. 

Watch the full interview and experience all the couple goals in the player above!