Bishop Briggs Says "Champion" Is Her Therapeutic Fight For Equality

"Both men and women are seeking equality."

August 2, 2019

Bishop Briggs is championing the fight for equality on her new single "Champion."

"Champion"' was important for me to release," she said. "As a woman there are so many things I feel like I have to be all at once, and I was noticing the men in my life weren't having that thought of like "don't be too confident, be humble," and "do I have to be sexy or do I have to be cute, oh a little bit of both." The men in my life, they don't have to think of that. What brings them confidence is the things they have to feel proud of," she told Julia and Tyler backstage at Lollapalooza. 

She revealed that the inspiration came from wanting to tell people she was a champion because of her work ethic and how she treats others without feeling embarassed, flustered or giggling.

"There are so many great men and women who are just seeking equality, we just want to all be paid the same, and I think everytime I perform that song it's just kind of like the anger I have," she added. 

She admits she's seen major changes in the music industry when it comes to celebrating a woman's accomplishments or adding accomplished women to festival lineups, but there's plenty more that can still be done. 

Bishop Briggs performs at Lollapalooza today, August 2nd, at 4pm!