Burger King Introducing Upside-Down Whopper Ahead of "Stranger Things" Premiere

June 13, 2019

Burger King is headed to the Upside-Down. 

The chain has partnered up with Netflix's "Stranger Things" to unleash the "Upside-Down Whopper" ahead of the show's July 4th premiere.

The meal is going to be a regular Whopper served with the bottom of the bun on top of the burger and the top on the bottom. 

Get it, it's Upside-Down. They literally just turned the burger upside down. 

Since the upcoming third season takes place in the summer of 1985, Burger King is packaging up the Upside-Down Whopper in their packaging from the mid-1980s.

This way they're getting both the fans of the Netflix series and those who are craving for a little nostalgia with their order.

The burger will be available starting June 21 in several cities including Chicago. 

Locations in these cities will also have limited-edition ketchup packets and t-shirts inspired by the hit show. 

There's also a DoorDash delivery component to the promotion: the Whopper meal (small drink and small fries) will cost $5 on the app with $0 in delivery fees. All you have to do is enter the code "STRANGER."