Cubs Reveal Cologne 'The Scents of Wrigley Field'

Want to smell like the Friendly Confines?

April 1, 2019



Would anyone really want to wear the scents of Wrigley Field as a fragrance?

You know what, don't answer that question. 

Cubs announced a new fragrance ahead of the Home Opener next week that include Ivy, Dirt, and Leather.

If you haven't checked the calendar today, it's April Fools', which means diehard hans probably won't be getting their hands on the Friendly Confines scent. 


Regardless, the ad featuring Pedro Strop, Cole Hamels, and Anthony Rizzo is all we ever really needed. 

The scents will be availble Monday, April 8th, which is the first series at Wrigley this season

ames are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday weather permitting.