Disney May Be Rebooting "The Proud Family" & We Cannot Chill

Disney+ is making all of our dreams come true.

August 20, 2019

Credit: Disney


Are you ready to reunite with Penny Proud and the Proud family?

Well, it might just happen. 

Actor Tommy Davidson, who voiced Oscar Proud, told WhereistheBuzzthat the series is making a comeback to Disney's new streaming service, Disney+. 

I forgot to tell you that, The Proud Family is coming back. Proud Family's coming back. It's on one of Disney's streaming [services>. Yeah, Proud Family's coming back. They told me not to tell you."

Well, so much for that request. 

Davidson clarified that they will be "new episodes" for a brand-new audience. Oh, who are we kidding? The teens-turned-adults will definitely be watching because we cannot wait to catch up with Penny after 14-long-years! 

Would Penny be a 32-year-old woman with her own family? Would she be pursuing a career in journalism or media (she was a former newspaper writer at school)? Will her siblings be teenagers and influences? Is Suga Mama still being real? 

It's possible that the show and its characters would stay frozen in 2001 and new episodes would focus on Penny's modern-day adventures as a 14-year-old. 

The series Penny (voiced by Kyla Pratt), her father Oscar, her mother Trudy, her grandma Suga Mama, and her twin baby siblings BeBe and CeCe originally aired from 2001 to 2005 on the Disney Channel.

Would you watch a reboot? Would this make you want to pay for yet another streaming service? Given Disney's large catalog of fan-favorites, it only makes sense that they'd tap into things that were already successful when launching a service that would compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. 

But most importantly, would Destiny's Child + Solange still sing the theme song?