In the Dump - Kanye's Coachella Plans Fell Apart Because of Porta-Pottys

Kanye's idea for a dome instead of a stage cause some logistical issues.

January 14, 2019

When Coachella announced its 2019 lineup many fans were shocked to see that Kanye West's was nowhere in sight. 

Though the rapper was rumored to be playing the massive festival, in the end, the deal fell apart due to a disagreement over stage design. 

Billboard reports that Kanye wanted to perform inside a giant, custom-built dome situated in the middle of the festival grounds. 

The dome would have been large enough to hold 125,000 festival attendees.

Kanye's vision would allow him to perform in the center of the dome surrounded by high-tech production and immersive video. 

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Let's be real, if anyone can pull off something like this it's Coachella and Kanye West. Given Kanye's previous stage designs on tour, we'd expect nothing less. 

But it's a group effort that takes time. The latter portion is where things started to get a little murky. 

Organizers were forced to tell Kanye that the dome would be impossible to build in four months. 

Similarly, an addition of the dome would require the rearrangement of the entire festival site, specifically, removing many portable bathrooms.

Billboard claims Kanye, a self-proclaimed "artist with a creative vision" wasn't pleased to be wasting time "talking about port-a-potties."

Let's just reflect on this a little bit.

Kanye, have you ever been to a festival as an attendee without the VIP privileges and airconditioned bathrooms?

You are essentially stuck in a large open space, drinking lots of alcohol (and hopefully water) and needing to go. When you find a port-a-potty that's clean and doesn't have a long line, it's like you've struck gold. 

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If you don't have port-a-potties accessible, it's about to become really gnarly and gross out there. Trust me. One of my guy friends once got peed on while standing in a crowd at Ultra Music Festival. It wasn't pretty. 

So while discussing bathroom logistics may be trivial, it's also a high priority for all the people you're hoping will buy tickets to see your "creative vision."

Bottom line: don't knock the bathrooms. 

If you're completely bummed out about Kanye's absence from this year's festival, don't be; it seems like Coachella organizers are hoping they can work something out with Kanye and his team in the future. Bathrooms and all.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Coachella founder Paul Tollett addressed Kanye’s cancelation stating: “He has some great [production] ideas, but we just weren’t able to pull them off right now I’d like to circle back with him and figure out a future plan of what to do with what’s in his head. He’s very capable of coming up with ideas that work that are pretty great."

Billboard also reports that Kanye was set to headline Governors Ball, but was dropped when similar disagreements with stage design began to arise.