Dunkin' Feelin' the the Love with Heart-Shaped Donuts, Bling Sprinkles & More!

Romance and donuts, what else do you need?

January 31, 2019

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Dunkin' Donuts)


Dunkin' is feeling the love this Valentine's Day. 

The companies famous heart-shaped donuts are making a return with several fillings including Boston Creme and Jelly. 

Classic frosted donuts? That's last month's news. In February, customers can bling out their treats with "Bling Sparkles" created to “make guests’ Valentine’s Day treats sparkle.”

There will be three Bling Sprinkle flavors offered: Chocolate Bling Frosted, Strawberry Bling Frosted and Vanilla Bling Frosted.

Credit: Dunkin'

Not enough for you? Don't worry, Dunkin' isn't done yet! 

Dunkin' also announced their first-ever donut with two types of filling inside: cookie dough and brown batter. 

I mean, can you say best Valentine's Day ever?

"This square-shaped specialty donut is perfect for sharing with your perfect pairing, with double the amount of filling of a regular donut. It features both brownie batter-flavored buttercream filling and cookie dough-flavored filling, covered with chocolate icing and crumbled pie topping," Dunkin' said in a press release. 

Sure, you could probably share this with your soulmate... OR you could save it all for yourself. 

Lastly, Dunkin' is offering a 10-count box of munchkins donut holes for $2 this month.