Halloween Just Got Better With the "Stranger Things" Candy Collection

Gummy waffles and pollywags... mmmm!

October 15, 2018

© Scott Utterback/Courier Journal


Who knew the Upside Down had such delicious treats?

Novelty Candy company It'Sugar released a candy collection inspired by the Netflix drama Stranger Things. 

Since the series won't be returning till 2019, the eight-piece collection will have to keep fans satisfied. 

Personally, I'll be buying all of the candies in bulk! 

Live from the Upside Down... our exclusive Stranger Things collection is here! Shop online & in stores -- Check our stories for a closer look at the collection

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The collection includes a fruit-flavored My Little Pollywog that is accurate in size to Dustin's pet Dart, an Upside Down chocolate bar, and a milk carton filled with malted milk balls which features a missing ad for Barb on the back!  Oh, Barb. 

There's also a nod to Eleven's obsession with Eggo waffles with the Gummy Waffle that tastes like maple.

And best of all, there's an edible gray slime that tastes better than it looks. The sour green apple goodness comes in a Hawkins National Lab specimen jar.

They obviously couldn't forget to pay homage to the best-mom-on-the-planet, Joyce Byers, with colorful gummy letters used to communicate with the alternate dimension.

We're going to have a sugar hangover the size of the Upside Down this Halloween!

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