Here's How To Determine Which Friends To Take To A Music Festival!

Do bring the music lovers, don't bring the complainers!

March 23, 2018

Credit: Floyd McCraney


Festival season, aka the best season in the world, is upon us!

Before you embark on your journey, we'd like to provide you with this guide of people you should and shouldn't take with you.


Do Bring: The "Nothing Can Stop Me" Party Friend

Let's be real, festivals are exhausting! They last multiple days, it's fricking hot out and if you're a music lover, you want to squeeze in as many bands as you can. There will be times when you just want to give up... but don't. Make sure you have that energizer bunny friend around that won't let anything stop her/him from having fun. Energy is contagious — you'll thank them later.

Credit: FloydMcCraney/B96


Don't Bring: The Complainer

God, we all have that friend. The person who gets upset when it rains, when someone bumps into him/her when they sweat, when they have to use a porta-potty, when they can't take a shower... The list just goes on. Don't bring that friend... ever! That friend is a Debbie-downer and most likely a drama queen. Your whole experience will be ruined because of the complaining and that's not why you waited all year for festival season!

Credit: Christine Newsom/ B96


Do Bring: The "Resourceful Friend"

Some festivals require you to camp out. It would be like an insult if you didn't. But that also means you don't have plumbing, A/C or really anything other than your blow up mattress and tent. While that sounds fun right now, it's not that fun when you're sweaty and exhausted. And honestly, you need to know how to set that tent up! If nature isn't your thing, make sure to bring that boy/girl scout friend that can pitch a tent, make food without electricity and just be one with the earth. You'll be so grateful you did. And if they know how to build a campfire if it suddenly gets cold at night, that's a bonus! Don't let that friend go... ever!

Credit: Lizzy Buczak


Don't Bring: The Obsessed With His/Her Significant Other Friend

There's nothing more annoying (okay maybe the complaining friend) than the friend who is checking in with their bf/gf 24/7. Festivals aren't about uploading pics or texting friends about everything you've seen. They're about having fun, letting go and living in the moment. Listening to your friend go "goo-goo-ga-ga" while a really awesome artist is playing is just annoying.. and bound to piss you off. If they want to spend all their time with their significant other, just leave them at home!


Do Bring: The "I'm Down For Anything" Friend

This friend is really just good to have around because anything you say goes so you'll always have a partner in crime. You want to take a break and recharge? They're down for it. You want to grab food? They're cool with it. You want to squeeze through the moshpit of sweaty bodies to the front of the stage? They're in.



Don't Bring: The Non-Music Lover

We all have that one friend that doesn't really keep up with the latest music or artists, but they insist on going to the festival anyway. It's not fun. It actually sucks they'll either be bored all the time which is a total buzzkill or they'll pretend to know songs and artist and you'll be like 'what? No. wtf?".  Also, leave the friend who doesn't embrace different musical styles at home as well. You don't want an epic moment ruined by someone who just "doesn't get it." You want someone that will by going "O-M-G is this real life" right along with you. Trust me.

Credit: Floyd McCraney