JK Rowling Says Suspicious Door at CTA Blue Line Stop Leads to Hogwarts

Spot a suspicious door? Ask J.K Rowling about its existence.

April 26, 2018

© Lowerkase | Dreamstime.com


After spotting a suspicious door at a CTA train stop, Twitter user Michael Wilczewski decided the best thing to do was to reach out to the 'Harry Potter' author for answers. 

Wilczewski posted a photo of a chalk-drawn door on the side of a building next to the Damen Blue Line stop. 

“@jk_rowling can you tell me more about this door to Hogwarts at the Damen Blue Line stop in Chicago?” he wrote in his tweet. 

Admittedly, a chalk door is enough to raise suspicion, but never fear, Rowling had a perfectly reasonable explanation for its existence.

She told the worried commuter that the door is actually an entrance for exchange students from Ilvermorny, a North American wizarding school. 

Now, muggles from the Chicago-land are wondering if the door magically leads them to Hogwarts. Is floo powder necessary? Or do we run into the brick wall as if it were Platform 9 3/4 and find the Blue Line Express on the other side?

Are exchange students even allowed at Hogwarts?

I need more answer, Mrs. Rowling. I've waited for this moment my whole life. 

As Rowling continues to spread magic to longtime fans, the University of Chicago chimed in suggesting that maybe the door is a shortcut to their great hall.

If anyone tests this theory out, please let me know!