Justin Bieber's Hometown Mayor Wants The Wedding to Happen in Canada

Ontario's Mayor is hearing wedding bells!

July 10, 2018
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin



One of the best things Canada has ever given us is Justin Bieber.

But that's the thing -- they've given him to the USA and now that he's engaged, they want him back! At least for the wedding. 

Unsurprisingly, there is no one more excited about this upcoming wedding than Stratford, Ontario's mayor, Dan Mathieson.

Mathieson told TMZ that he would love if the pop crooner hosted his wedding back home. 

No, he's not just concerned about the boost in the economy, he really wants Justin to celebrate in his hometown.

And nostalgia isn't enough to convince JB, he has just the thing to sweeten the deal: free tickets to Justin's favorite local hockey team, the Stratford Warriors.

Now look, I don't know much but I'm willing to say that Justin can score free tickets just because he's Justin. 

Matthieson is adamant that if they wed in the winter, Justin and bride-to-be Hailey Baldwin would be gifted incredible seats. 

And if the wedding takes place in the summer,  he'll offer Bieber a headlining spot in the Summer Music Festival, which really seems like a bigger win for the city than anyone else.

He's even offering up an incentive to the guests -- discounted admission to Justin Bieber's exhibit, "Steps to Stardom," at the Stratford Perth Museum.  

Realistically, a Canadian wedding could be a real possibility since Hailey's family isn't too far away in New York and it would offer a level of privacy that won't be guaranteed if they choose to hold the ceremony and/or reception in Hollywood. 

What do you think? Will Bieber and his fiancee take the deal?