Kanye Follows in Chance's Footsteps, Gives $73K to Mayoral Candidate

Amara Enyia has two of the cities biggest and wealthiest supporters in her corner!

October 24, 2018

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Amara Enyia has two of the cities biggest and wealthiest supporters in her corner! 

Just last week, Chance the Rapper held a press conference to endorse little-known candidate Amara Enyia in her run for Mayor of Chicago. 

Now, another prominent Chicago rapper is throwing his support in her corner. 

Kanye West, a longtime friend of Chance's, contributed $73,540 dollars to her campaign according to records. 

The donation covers the number of fines Enyia faces from state election officials for her brief 2015 campaign to a tee. 

We'll leave all the political stuff up to the Chicago Tribune, but the jist of dates back to 2015. Enyia dropped out of the race, however, she didn't close her campaign account properly and was fined for missing quarterly campaign finance reports. 

Enyia’s campaign released a statement thanking Kanye for his contribution.

“The Amara Enyia campaign thanks Chicago native, Kanye West, for his generous action,” the statement read. “Amara’s campaign is energizing people around the city with bold ideas and solutions that move Chicago forward. We are excited to engage people of all walks of life as we focus our efforts on getting on the ballot," adding,  “the $73,540 debt to the Illinois State Board of Elections has been paid in full."

It seems like West is really taking politics and his promise to return to Chicago and give back to the community more seriously.