Lindsey Stirling Explains Inspiration Behind New Album 'Artemis'

There's also going to be a comic book!

August 23, 2019

Lindsey Stirling is gearing up to release her 5th studio album, Artemis, on September 15th. 

She popped into our BCBS Performance Stage with her adorable pup, Luna, and we had to ask her what is Artemis and why is it the name of her upcoming album. 

Stirling explained that Artemis is the goddess of the moon and her inspiration for the 13-track album. 

"What's funny is I was actually looking for a name for a specific track and I wanted, the symbolism of that track meant, was about bringing light to darkness. And I was like well, who's the goddess of the moon? And I was researching it and fascinated by everything that Artemis represents," she said adding that it was the first song she wrote and decided that it was going to define the whole album.

"The album is about the goddess of the moon and her story, and it's been really fun to further develop from it just being a concept to this album tells a full story with characters."

If you follow her on social media you'll notice that the artwork for the album is also very specific.

Stirling says that the Manga style anime is going to lend a hand to a comic book. 

"I've been working on a comic book for, I don't know, the last months that goes into the album."

The album will be slightly different than her previous offerings as she admitted she's writing from a happy place for the first time ever. 

"My past two albums I drew from loss, I wrote my last album all about the loss of my dad and best friend passed away, and then the previous album was written about overcoming anorexia," she said adding that this album is pulling from "joy" and it was a fun way to make art. 

Stirling collaborates with Elle King on "The Upside" and Amy Lee of Evanescence on "Love Goes On and On."

Check out the interview above and below!