Lollapalooza Fan Calculates Which Drinks are Best Bang For Your Buck

Those wine carafes go a long way, just saying.

July 30, 2019

Gina Wetzler / Stringer


If you're attending Lollapalooza for 4-days this weekend, you'll probably find yourself digging into your piggy bank for alcohol money. 

The fact of the matter is that Lolla's drink prices are pricey. 

Reddit user thejimm3r decided to do put together a spreadsheet so that you, an adult 21 or older, don't find yourself asking your parents for a liquor allowance. 

The spreadsheet compared all the alcoholic beverages sold at Lolla by price-per-unit of alcohol.

According to the spreadsheet, Goose Island 312 is the most expensive drink available right next to Blime (Bud Light Lime?). 

But those wine carafes you see everyone carrying around the festival and gulping down long after the rose has surpassed room temp? Those are WORTH IT. 

And if you're stuck between Bud Light and Stella Artois, go with Stella. Bud Light may be a dollar less, but Stella's has more %. 

Next time you find yourself in front of the Lolla kiosk bar, you'll know exactly which drinks to purchase to get the best bang for your buck.