The Most Festive & Romantic TV Holiday Movies to Watch This Season

A "One Tree Hill" and "Sister, Sister" reunion? The sequel to Life-Size? Count us in!

November 8, 2018

Credit: Freeform Press


There's nothing better than sitting down to watch some Christmas movies with a cup of hot cocoa. 

Sure, you can always re-watch classics such as The Santa Clause and Home Alone, but half the fun is getting lost in absolutely cheesy original releases from networks and streaming services alike.

We've gathered some of the best ones airing this year including the Life-Size sequel, Life-Size 2.

Check out the trailers below and add them to your holiday movie schedule. 


1. Life-Size 2 (Freeform - December 2)

Your favorite doll come-to-life, Eve from Sunnydale, returns in the sequel to the Disney Channel classic, Life-Size 2. Grace, a 25-year-old CEO of a toy company that manufactures the Eve dolls, is a hot mess as she goes through a quarter-life crisis. Her neighbor magically summons the lifelike doll to help Grace course-correct her life and tame her wild-child ways before it's too late. And she also brings a little Christmas magic! 



2. The Princess Switch (Netflix - November 16)

Chicago baker Stacy enters a baking competition and runs into soon-to-be-princess who looks just like her. Though it's cliche, we're never too old for a little switcheroo. Though, from experience, we know these things never end well and significant others feelings always get hurt. However, we can't complain about double Vanessa Hudgens. 


3. The Christmas Contract (Lifetime - November 22)

It almost doesn't matter what the plot of this Lifetime movie is because all that matters is several of the One Tree Hill cast is REUNITING! After Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer on OTH) goes through a break-up just before the holidays, her best friend Daneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina on OTH) drafts up a Christmas contract to set her up with her brother Robert Buckley (Clay Evans)! The weirdest part will be re-imaging all of them in these new roles. 

One holiday agreement ----✨ will change everything! Watch @hilarieburton, @robertearlbuckley, @danneelackles512, @antwontanner2214 and @tylerhilton reunite this holiday season. Don't miss #TheChristmasContract Thursday, November 22nd at 8/7c. . . . . . #holiday #movie #christmas #moviestowatch #movies #thanksgiving #mustsee

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4. No Sleep 'Til Christmas (Freeform - December 10)

We all know how important sleep is when you're planning a wedding, so it's no surprise that Lizzie (Odette Annable, Supergirl) is desperate to cure her insomnia. So desperate, in fact, that when she runs into Billy (Odette's real-life husband Dave Annable) — with her car — she learns he too is sleep deprived. They soon learn that the only time they can actually get some shut eye is when they "sleep together," which sounds like a major problem for her unaware fiancee Josh (Charles Michael David, The Originals).


5. My Christmas Inn (Lifetime - November 21)

Is this a Sister, Sister reunion? Close. Tia Mowry stars as Jen Taylor, a woman who is about to score a huge promotion at her ad agency in San Fran, when she inherits her aunts inn in Alaska. As most holiday movies go, she meets a handsome attorney and learns that there is something magical about the charming little town. Will she leave her job in San Fran to run the inn? The movie also stars Jackee Harry and Tim Reid as Mowry's parents. Just like old times. 

This holiday season @tiamowry receives a gift that might just change her life. -- ✨ Make sure to catch the premiere of #MyChristmasInn with @jackeeharry, @timski67 and @hogcity on Wednesday, November 21 at 8/7c. . . . . . #ItsAWonderfulLifetime #holidays #christmas #lifetimemovies #christmasmovies #holiday #holidaymovies #tiamowry

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6. The Truth About Christmas (Freeform - November 25)

What happens when a politician, confident in her ability to spin anything, suddenly loses the ability to lie? On the way to meet boyfriend George's family for the first time ahead of his upcoming mayoral campaign, Jill has an unusual encounter with a toy store Santa and finds herself unable to say anything but the truth. Will she find a way to make it stop before she ruins her holidays and relationship?