New Christmas Songs of 2018 You Need to Add to Your Holiday Playlist

From John Legend to RuPaul — you have to hear this new batch of Xmas music!

November 9, 2018

© Oleg Dudko |

Yes, we know Mariah Carey is the QUEEN of Christmas music and will continue dominating our playlists for years to come with "All I Want for Christmas Is You," but there are a few new Christmas songs we think are worthy of being added to that list. 

These 5-holiday songs of 2018 will help your countdown to Christmas be a little more jolly. 

Oh, how fun! 


1. John Legend - "Bring Me Love"

Make it a legendary Christmas with a song that has a classic John sound with a dash of Christmas spirit. 


2. Ingrid Michaelson - "Happy, Happy Christmas"

There's something about this song. It has a romantic, holiday sweetness about it that just leaves you ready for the holidays. 


3. David Archuleta - "Christmas Every Day"

David Archuleta has always been a gift to Christmas music dating back to his first album. His latest, "Christmas Every Day" will make you dance like, well, it's Christmas everyday.


4. Jessie J - "This Christmas Day"

When the song starts playing, it suddenly feels like Christmas morning. Jessie's strong vocals backed by a gospel choir makes this the powerhouse Christmas song you've been dreaming about. 



5. RuPaul - "Hey Sis, It's Christmas"

You cannot miss this! This isn't your regular Christmas tune but it's everything you'd expect from RuPaul and then some. That chorus is beyond catchy. You're going to be dancing all the way to the eggnog, sis.