Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi Take the Ultimate Friendship Test

BFFs 4 Lyfe!

October 24, 2019

Goyk Photo/ Jeff J Mitchell / Staff


An Irish man and a Scottish man walk into a bar...

It sounds like the start of a good joke, but it was actually the beginning of a lifelong friendship between former One Direction crooner Niall Horan and rising star Lewis Capaldi. 

Since their meeting, Capaldi and Horan have become the bestest of friends.

They even put their friendship to the ultimate test in this hilarious video interview at Glamour. 

In the clip they recount how they first met, give each other cheesy compliments (Capaldi once again laments on how good Horan smells), hug each other for an appropriate amount of time, dance together, and gush over each other's music. 

They even do trust falls. 

It's a video that makes the world a little better. 

And it's defintiely the kind of bromance we're rooting for.