You Have To Check Out This 'Stranger Things' Corn Maze in Indiana This Fall

Think Eleven will help you find your way out with her telekinetic abilities?

July 30, 2018
'Stranger Things' cast



Feel like getting lost in the Upside Down this Fall?

Now it's possible with a brand new, intricate Stranger Things inspired corn maze! 

The maze is located in Indiana,  Lafayette not Hawkins, at Exploration Acres. 

It's dubbed the largest corn maze and pumpkin patch in northwest Indiana spanning roughly 10-15 football fields and this year, they have Eleven and her friends on the brain. 

"After binge-watching the entire Stranger Things series last year, I knew we had a unique opportunity to create an immersive environment for fans at our farm," said Tim Fitzgerald, president and CEO of Exploration Acres.

At the top of the maze, you'll find Eleven in the zone doing her telekinetic, mind stuff while a Demogorgon hunts down the boys on their bikes. There's also a Netflix logo because you know, copyright and trademarks and all that stuff. 

They even got a shout out from a very-impressed Netflix who called the maze "tubular."

So grab your Eggos and make plans to visit this maze when it opens on September 14. 

It will remain open through October 28th! 

Tickets are just $10. No word on what happens if you actually run into a Demogorgon. 

At the very least, it will help hold you over until the delayed season 3 drops sometime in 2019.