This Portillo's Pop-Up Experience in Chicago is Making Us Hungry

They have Scratch-N-Sniff wallpaper!

October 23, 2019



Portillo's is bringing Chicagoans a bun- believable experience.

Food lovers, prepare for the first pop-up experience dedicated to fan favorites like the Chicago-style hot dog, Italian beef sandwiches, and the chocolate cake. 

The Portillo's Experience will feature plenty of interactive spaces at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. 

Photo opportunities are available in the French Fry Room, which dons cheese sauce dripping from the ceiling, life-sized plush French fries, and a neon sign with our mantra: "I Only Have Fries for You."

Other fun installments include a giant Onion Ring Swing (need one in our backyard), a Hot Dog sofa (need one in our swing), a photo booth with costumes that allows fans to show off their love for Portillo's.

There's also a gallery of food-inspired art created by local Chicago artists. 

But the best part of this whole pop-up is that they have Scratch-N-Sniff wallpaper. Seriously, this is amazing. 

All of this talk of food might make you hungry but sadly, there won't be an on-site restaurant. 

A few prepackaged items like chocolate cake, packaged Italian beef, French bread, peppers, as well as other merch like a baby swaddle, hoodies, and more

You can also place holiday orders inside the lounge!

For those looking for a bite to eat, the closest Portillo's is on Golf Rd. which is about 2 miles away from Woodfield Mall. You're welcome. 

The pop-up runs from Nov. 6 through Dec. 31 and free tickets are required.