SHAED Reveals How Awesome Zayn Collaboration Came Together

It's one of our favorite remixes at the moment!

October 3, 2019

SHAED stopped by the BCBS Performance Stage to chat with Julia and Tyler and perform their hit "Tramponline," which recently got the celebrity treatment 

Zayn, formerly of One Direction, hopped on the single for a really fantastic remix. 

The trio revealrd that the collaboration just came together naturally. 

"We were in Japan and we were just brainstorming, you know, who we wanted to feature on the song and we all love Zayn. We just reached out to his team and a week later his acapella vocals just showed up in our inbox," Max Ernst said. 

"That easy?" Julia asked to which they all confirmed that it really was that easy. 

SHAED's hope is that he'll join them on tour eventually. 

The band also talked about performing at Lollapalooza and spending time in Japan during their tour.

According to them, some of Japan's best features include the food, the scenery, and the bidet. 

They talk extensively about their bidet experiences and it's hilarious!

Check it out in the player above.