BOO! If You're Over 12-Years-Old You Could Get Arrested For Trick-or-Treating

Well, at least in some parts of the US.

October 10, 2018

This is like something straight out of a horror flick. 

Many kids spend months looking forward to the one day a year where they can walk around the neighborhood and score free candy. 

But this is 2018, so it was only a matter of time before someone sucked the fun out of the whole tradition. 

And by "someone," we mean Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Trick-or-treaters OVER the age of 13-years can now face up to six months in jail!

And if that wasn't strict enough, trick-or-treaters of any age who are out past 8 p.m. could be slapped with fines ranging from $25 to $100 or could even get 30 days in jail. 

Seriously.. whoever made this law must have received too many raisins and apples in their Halloween Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern candy bucket. 

Chesapeake Police DID clear up the rules a bit by stating, "Chesapeake Police staff will focus on making sure the evening is safe for everyone."

Ensuring safety is one thing, but threatening kids with jail time? That's a bit much. 

On the plus side, according to city's website, a 13-year-old "safely trick or treating with a younger sibling is not going to have any issues."

The city also says they won't be "actively seeking out violations," however, if kids are up to no good and are throwing eggs, smashing pumpkins or whatever else it is kids do these days, they will pay the ultimate price. 

The City of Chicago doesn't have official trick-or-treating hours, however, CPD does encourage keeping candy collecting to daylight hours. They also recommend that kids go with a parent or other responsible adult. 

As for the age requirement, since when is 13-years-old the cut-off for being a kid and having some fun?

If kids want to be kids a little longer, where's the harm in that?

Let us know — do you get annoyed when teenagers come to your door? Do you think the cut off should be 8pm?