Tyler Hilton Teases Possibility of One Tree Hill Reboot

Chris Keller is definitely in, but is anyone else?

April 20, 2018

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One Tree Hill fans were devastated when the show ended four-years-ago after nine glorious seasons.

Naturally, with the plethora of reboots and revivals shoved down our throats, the question has only come up a dozen times or so. 

I can bet the actors are all really tired of answering it in a variety of ways that echo the same sentiments: "not enough time has passed, but it's definitely possible."

Of course, it's possible. But is it necessary? Do we have a good story to tell? Who is actually on board? 

For starters, Chris Keller is definitely in. 

Tyler Hilton opened up about the possibility to US Weekly during WE Day's Party With a Purpose x PacSun. 

“Dude, we ask that every year. Who knows? I mean, it’s so random,” he said before adding, “But I’m so into Roseanne and every time I’m asked about it, I’m like, ‘It could happen. You never know.’”

Some revivals haven't done as well as others, but OTH has a core following, much like Roseanne and Will & Grace, that it would likely be a hit. 

When the One Tree Hill reunion presented by EyeCon visited Chicago back in 2016, the actors discussed the possibility at length. 

"We were just talking about this actually," Stephen Colleti (bar manager Chase) said at the EyeCon convention.

"I'll do it," Antwon Tanner (Skills) added.

The story goes, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) approached James Lafferty (Nathan) after he heard "rumblings" of a possible One Tree Hill reunion/revival.

James, who is close to OTH creator Mark Schwahn, had not heard anything "official," but said he could "see it happening." (At the time, the findings that Schwahn sexually harassed female actresses on the set of the series was not known. If the series would return, it would obviously not be under Schwahn's guidance).

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"We haven't heard anything substantial but we can agree with you guys, it's worthy" Stephen added to a room full of ecstatic fans.

During day two of the convention, a fan followed up with James about the possible spinoff.

"You know, I don't know how all the works exactly. I know that's kind of a trend lately," James began."I get the feeling if there was a demand for it and Mark Schwahn was approached by it, however, it works, then the conversation would be had," he added.

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He did, however, have his doubts claiming that it was too early since the show has only been off the air for only five years.

Fans were quick to correct him that it has actually only been 4 years but "enough time has passed."

The demand is clearly THERE so let's get to it, everyone! 

Something tells me, even if the actors aren't 100% into the idea, they will do it to appease the core fans!