Xtina Shows off Her Pipes As She Sings Hit After Hit on 'Carpool Karaoke"

Sing it, girl!

April 24, 2018

(Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador)


Did you expect anything less from Christina Aguilera?

The pop star joined James Corden in the latest "Carpool Karaoke" segment and naturally, the two did quite a lot of signing.

In fact, commenters pointed out that this was the first time a guest actually outsang Corden. But really, who would ever try to compete with Xtina's insane vocal range?

XTina belted out her classic singles "Fighter," "Beautiful" and "Genie in a Bottle," which came complete with the genie hands dance move

At one point, Melissa McCarthy popped up in the backseat to sing Redman's verse during "Dirrty" and nailed it without missing a beat. Who knew she had it in her?

Corden also chatted Xtina up about her time in the Mickey Mouse Club with costars Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. 

She revealed that she "wasn't on the Gosling" train but that he did have a crush on Brit-Brit. 

“She must be regretting that,” Corden quipped. “No, she got Justin! They were a big ol ’ couple," Xtina said with a laugh. 

"Yeah, and we know how that ended," Corden retorted. Sadly, yes we do.

When Corden asked if Xtina was on the Timberlake train (uhm, who wasn't?) Xtina began stuttering her words. So.... we'll take that as a yes?

That would explain the decade-long feud between Brit-Brit and Xtina, though.

Watch the video below: