You Can Go to the 'Beach' This Winter at Navy Pier

Summer in the middle of winter? Don't mind if we do!

January 9, 2019

Escape the bitter cold in Chicago with a day at the beach.

No... we're not kidding. You can actually have the beach experience in Chicago during the winter thanks to Navy Pier's newest installment. 

'The Beach Chicago' is a free, interactive, public art installation opening at Navy Pier's Aon Grand Ballroom!

Created by Snarkitecture, the installation features one million antimicrobial and recyclable plastic spheres. 

Guests can swim through the spheres or hang out on lounge deck chairs. 

There will also be lifeguard chairs, umbrellas and inflatables to evoke a beachy-vibe. 

'The Beach Chicago' will be open from Jan. 19th through Feb. 3rd!

They are also offering private events if you're interested in hosting a birthday or other celebration! 

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