You Have To Watch This Hilarious Gender Reveal Fail Outside of Wrigley Field

Well, that didn't go as planned!

May 15, 2018

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Over the years, Cubs fans have been making lasting memories at Wrigley Field. 

Over the weekend, one family wanted to add to those memories by staging their gender reveal right outside the Friendly Confines. 

In theory, the idea was promising -- the wife would throw the ball, the husband would pitch it and it would reveal either a blue or pink powder. 

However, things didn't go exactly as planned. 

Jeffery Habjan heroically captured the moment on video and posted it to Twitter. 

The wife threw the ball a little too high, the husband tried to catch it and when he missed, it fell to the ground and blue powder exploded everywhere revealing that their next child will be a boy. 

Look, it might not have gone smoothly, but it was hilarious and memorable. 

And they'll have a great story to tell their son one day when they bring him for a baseball game.