You Have To Watch The Video Taylor Swift is Accused of Ripping Off

Fans argue her video has a deeper meaning than the one she's accused of copying.

March 13, 2018

Credit: Floyd McCraney


Over the weekend, Taylor Swift premiered her music for "Delicate" and while some Swifties were intrigued by the concept, others pointed out that they've definitely seen this somewhere before.

Quickly, tweets began appearing accusing Tay Tay of ripping off Jonze's Kenzo fragrance commercial.

Sure enough, after we took a look at both videos, we have to agree that there are a lot of similarities: both Taylor's gown style and color are similair to the one Margaret Qualley wears in the video and her interpretive dance around the hotel lobby is much like Qualley's albeit less manic.

There's nothing wrong with being inspired by someone elses work and vision, but if it's so blatant, do you think she should at least credit the original?

In Taylor's defense, the meaning of the video is vastly different; some say she's showcasing her desire to just be invisible and free for a moment, others say it's about prioritizing happiness over reputation, while others note it's about being yourself and getting away from all the noise.

Whatever the message is, Taylor takes the phrase "dance like nobody is watching" to a whole new level. 

Check out both videos and decide for yourself.