Mabel Dishes About 'Don't Call Me Up' and Opens Up About Dealing with Anxiety

March 21, 2019

You've probably heard of Mabel even if you don't know her name. 

She's the feisty chick behind our latest obsession, "Don't Call Me Up."

"We've all been there when they come back. They always come back," she told Kenzie with a laugh as she chatted about the single. 

Mabel draws a lot from her personal relationships, which she says hasn't been too difficult. 

"There is always material. So far, there is no shortage of material. Guys are really out here acting crazy," she said. 

One glance at Mabel and you'll notice a girl who's full of life, happy and living her dream.

You'd never think that she deals with anxiety or depression in her life, but she's dealt with it her whole life. 

"I'm sort of comfortable with it now. That was the biggest realization for me that this isn't something I'm going to get rid of necessarily, but something I'm going to deal with and be okay with. And that's what I always say to people, it's sometimes okay to not be okay. And it's good sometimes to just have days when you feel down."

Learn more about Mabel's journey with anxiety in the player above!

And check out her song 'Don't Call Me Up' playing on B96!