Catch A Ride On The CTA Holiday Train!

Here's The Holiday Train Schedule

November 14, 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year...for CTA riders! The CTA Holiday train is back for the season.

“The Allstate CTA Holiday Train and Bus have become a beloved Chicago tradition that thousands look forward to each winter season,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. in a statement.“We are happy to be able to bring out our Allstate CTA Holiday Fleet to spread the holiday cheer to our valued customers of all ages.”

The six-car holiday train begins service on Friday, Nov. 23, with Santa and his reindeer. Plus, new this year the train will have a red interior floor, colorful LED signage displays and more overall lights than ever before. The Holiday Train also features the not-to-miss, fan favorite: an open, flatbed car carrying Santa and his sleigh. 

But the holiday train is not the only festive train in service. On Saturdays, guests can also board the CTA Elves’ Workshop Train. The elves train was added to the CTA Holiday Fleet in 2016 and runs behind the Holiday Train on Saturdays. It is decorated with thousands of colorful lights, garlands, bows and festive winter scenes. 

Whether you look forward to riding it or just watching it roll by... here's the 2018 schedule:

Green Line & Orange LineFri 11/23

Green LineSat 11/24

Green Line & Orange LineTue 11/27

Orange Line & Brown LineWed 11/28

Orange Line & Brown LineThu 11/29

Orange Line & Brown LineFri 11/30

Orange Line & Brown LineSat 12/1

Pink LineTue 12/4

Pink LineWed 12/5

Blue LineThu 12/6

Blue LineFri 12/7

Blue Line (+ photo-only stop on Pink Line)Sat 12/8

Red LineTue 12/11

Purple LineWed 12/12

Red LineThu 12/13

Purple LineFri 12/14

Red Line & Purple LineSat 12/15

Purple LineThu 12/20

Yellow LineFri 12/21