Episode 4: Ooops I Did It Again

Guilty Pleasures and Growing Pains

February 21, 2020

Have you seen the tv show "YOU" on Netflix?  Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself from the crazies and avoid getting chopped up into little pieces?  That was Nina's inspiration for this conversation because it's all about how to protect yourself and spot red flags in the beginning stages of a courtship.  This is so great for anyone who feels like they keep making the same mistakes. (insert hand raises here)  Do your relationships keep ending the same way and you don't know why? Nina and Producer Angie welcome relationship expert Love McPherson and her daughter Tiffany McPherson to the podcast to get answers.  They discuss the flags, they whys, the hows, and most importantly the whats. What is it about you that contributes to the disaster too?  We can't be pointing fingers if we're not willing to take responsibility for our part.  Be prepared to be enlightened!