Quarantine Diaries: "Parking Lot Squatter" Loren from Boston

May 1, 2020
Guilty Pleasures

On this episode, Nina brings in her good friend Loren from Boston, "The Parking Lot Squatter!"  Loren is an award-winning radio host and a very special friend of Nina's because of the bond they've created over the years working in radio.  They talk about the support that they've given to each other and the importance of building a strong "girl gang".  

You'll also learn why Nina has dubbed her "The Parking Lot Squatter" in a hilariously relatable story!  Loren opens up about what it's like to lose your job in the middle of a pandemic all while being a new mom and experimenting with new ways to successfully communicate with your husband in quarantine.  She's inspiring, honest, and hilarious especially when it comes to teeth brushing and chocolate cake!  We know you'll love her like we do!!!! (ALSO, please be patient with us because it's the first recording we did over zoom and the quality of the audio is a little different than usual.)