Quarantine Diaries: Chicago's Own "Tiger King" Part I

May 8, 2020
Guilty Pleasures

Introducing Chicago's Own Tiger King! Aka Jon Vargas.  He's a cat daddy of 2 beautiful Bengals that look just like mini tigers!  What does it actually mean if you're a mini tiger tamer?  Nina has a controversial theory but ultimately the internet wins. Jon is one of the first people Nina became close to when she moved to Chicago from New York.  He's a person that she trusts and a person she wanted you all to know (especially now) because of his kind heart, hilarious sense of humor and his beautiful brain.  He talks about quarantine with the mini tigers, how he's been forced to be extra creative when it comes to work, packing on the pounds and how he stays sane.  This is just part I because the zoom got cut a little short.  Jon is also very knowledgeable about the power of the brain, our thoughts and the role it plays in our reality.  Part II will explore all of that and more.  We'll talk about how honing those skills will not only get us through quarantine in the middle of a global pandemic but also how they will help us thrive and get closer to achieving our own personal goals.  STAY TUNED!!!!