The 2018 Chicago Marathon Results and Kevin Hart!

Kevin Hart was in town to run the marathon! Find out why here!

October 7, 2018

This morning was the 2018 Chicago Marathon! Congratulations to all the runners! Twenty-six point two miles in rain may have made some nervous, but it was no feat for the "winners" (the first people to finish)!

Mo Farah from Great Britain finished first with a time of 2 hours and 5 mins! Yes, you read that right! Brigid Kosgei from Kenya was the first woman to finish with a time of  2:18:35!  For a list of all the times, or to look for a friend's time check here: 2018 Chicago Marathon Finishing Times

If you were a spectator, or a runner and swore you saw someone who looked a lot like Kevin Hart run by your eyes were not playing tricks on you! Kev was there!

It’s go time people....I’m about to put Marathon #2 in the books....I love & appreciate my @nike team....your support means the world. Shoutout to my partners @shafferdc & @frederickwjr .....Let’s gooooooo #HustleHart

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Awesome right? Kev is running to raise money for education and did the New York Marathon last year, so the one today was his second.

So how did it go?

Marathon #2 is complete & in the books....I have 4 more to go!!!!! I'm about to send some more kids to college damn it....put a purpose behind your RUN....My purpose is to inspire & motivate our youth to realize that they are their own competition....Nobody can stop you but you. BE GREAT....Its that simple....Keep pushing until you can't push anymore....Hard work pays off and it's that simple....Work hard so you can play the end of the day "Just Do It" #HustleHart

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Kevin has 4 more to go! Such an amazing example and we love that it's for a good cause!

Lots of luck to you and come visit B96 next time you're in town!