5 Things You Missed Backstage at the Pepsi Jinglebash

Food, fun and fan-girling! Find out what really went down backstage here!

December 10, 2018

Jinglebash hangover? Even AFTER you saw all the pics, interviews and performance clips at B96.com and all our socials @B96Chicago ?

Well you know what they say! Best way to cure a hangover is to have a little more...and oh do we!

Backstage at the Pepsi Jingbash was a show in itself and I'm spilling the tea!

Top 5 Backstage Moments at the 2018 Pepsi Jinglebash:

5) Eats!

Traveling from city-to-city, eating before the show (and after)...what were this year's Jinglebash artists hungry for?

Cardi B and her dancers requested chicken wings. Mike Posner was munching on cashews (and he gave the empty container to our photographer Floyd when he was done LOL) and Why Don't We requested something from the Sugar Factory and for such an honored request they sent over a candy machine! The guys were nice enough to share it with everyone (and it was so giant it couldn't travel that far).

4) Lauv was in LOVE!

Now we're not talking about Julia Michaels...but with Chicago...and the gifts we got him!

Check out how excited he was to get a personalized Cubs and Bulls jerseys

PS- That Bulls jersey is the one he showed off on-stage!

3) Camila had an Insta good time!

Before the doors opened at the Allstate, Camila had someone follow her around the empty arena, and on-stage because it was so instagramable! These pics are starting to pop-up on her feed! She also took a bunch around the tree (on-stage) so keep your eye on her insta and know when they post they were taken here!

i bet these memories follow you around

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2) Bardigang = WDW

Why Don't We went on right before Cardi B, and they didn't leave after they performed...they stuck around and stood on the side of the stage freaking out hard over Cardi's performance! They all had their phones out recording and after the show they even waited around to get a pic.

we’ve been doing shows with people we never thought we would do shows with. killed it last night @iamcardib

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1) Cardi Kultured Us <3

Cardi for sure lit up the stage closing out the Jinglebash (and made some national headlines lol) but where she REALLY shined was when she was gushing about her daughter backstage! Kulture was not there, but if she was, we're sure she would've been doing all the things Cardi describes here: Cardi Talks Being Kulture's Mommy Backstage

The 2018 Pepsi Jinglebash was def one for the books! Missed it? STILL want more?

SAVE-THE-DATE for the 2019 Pepsi Summerbash :p