Ariana Grande STILL Defending Herself After Mac Miller Split

Ari is speaking out again and talking about addiction! See what she said here!

May 26, 2018

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller called it quits like a month ago and seemed to part why are people coming for Ari? And ONLY Ari?

She is rumored to be dating Pete Davidson from SNL - but if she's single who cares right?

Mac has had addiction issues in the past and after his DUI right after they announced their split people have been blaming Ari!

Now here's the thing, we don't know when it ended. We just know when THEY said it was over. It could've ended 6 months ago! (That was for those saying she moved on too fast.) And from my friends who've struggled with addiction they've said it will be a struggle the rest of their life even if they aren't using/drinking. So does that mean Ariana should stay with him forever?

Here's what she said after she reached her limit...AGAIN:

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I'm glad she's keeping it classy - it's still is a mess tho that she even had to speak up to silence the hate.

Haters did you see she said she supports his sobriety?

Should she have stayed with him?

Should Mac Miller say something?