B96 Cares: Court Appointed Special Advocate

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May 8, 2019

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The A.J. Freund story not only shook the peaceful community of Crystal Lake, but broke the hearts of millions who heard about it.  

With every new detail that came out, parents and families hugged each other a little tighter and wanted to know what they could do to help and more importantly, what steps to take to prevent tragedies like that from happeing again.

Sadly, there is no easy answer. There is no 1-step we can all take to fix it immediately - but a great way to start is with CASA.

Mari Christopherson is their Executive Director and talked to Chicago Connection about what they do:

To find the CASA in your county (each do different fundraisers/events. Example: CASA of McHenry County was doing a "Stuff the Duffel" to collect new items for foster kids in need) or for more information about their program in general click here: CASA Illinois

Whether donating your time, money or even just your ear to know the chain of command (voting locally can change and improve government funded programs) knowing what we can do can change and save someone's life.