B96 CARES: Keeping your pets safe in frigid temps

Chiberia is no joke! These tips will help keep your pets safe and warm!

January 27, 2019

Winter may have been delayed here in the Chi but it is DEFINITELY here now! All this snow and below degree temps are not only dangerous for us - but for our pets - and even more so because they can't tell us if they're cold or not feeling well.

Screen shot these tips below to help keep your 4-legged family members extra safe in this extreme cold and snow!


1) Limit Outside Time:

Sure most dogs love to be outside to play or go to the bathroom, but with temps reaching -20 degrees and more...just like a human can get frost bite in 5 mins...so can your pets!

Limit outside time, and in extreme temps it's recommended to put sweaters and boots on your animals if they go outside for a quick walk, to potty, etc.  I HATE when pet owners say, "Dog (or cats) have fur and are meant to be outside". That's like saying we have skin so we don't need to wear clothes. You would never go outside neeked if it was 20 below. The same goes for our pet.

PS- Make sure their beds are not by drafts/windows and that they have warm blankets (you can even find heated dog mats at your local pet store) and a dry area to be.

2) It's the Law! Report it! :

New laws can have your animal taken from you if it's found outside and reported. Read up here: Illinois Dog Laws

Same goes for animals in cars. Bisquit may love car rides...but in extreme weather even leaving them in the car with the heat on for 15 can be dangerous. Leave them at home when the weather is like this.

3) Seasonal Toxics:

Beware of salt! It's everywhere and if your pet has a cut  - getting salt in it can cause an infection!

When they come in from outside be sure to clean off their paws and if you see excessive licking on paws be sure to check to see if it's a cut!

Also, things like antifreeze have a sweet smell! Don't leave it out for your animal to consume because it's toxic!

4) Call the vet:

No question is something they haven't heard before! If you notice your pet sleeping more than usual, or acting "off" - especially after coming in from outside, give your vet a call with their sympthoms.

Stay warm and safe Chicago!