The B96 Top 8 at 8: Panic! At the Disco Hangin on Tight!

What songs are pushing Panic! almost off the countdown? See here!

October 31, 2018
 Panic! At The Disco



Panic! At the Disco was at the top of the Top 8 at 8 earlier this week and tonight barely holding on! Who is bumping them closer to the edge? See the countdown below!

The B96 Top 8 at 8 for 10/31/18

8- Panic! At the Disco “High Hopes”

7- Why Don’t We “8 Letters”

6- Ariana Grande “Breathin”

5- Shawn Mendes and Zedd “Lost in Japan”

4- Marshmello and Bastille “Happier”

3- Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa “One Kiss”

2- Ariana Grande “God is a Woman”

1- Halsey “Without Me”