Beverly Hills 90210 Canceled! Or is it?

Is a re-reboot coming? Tori Spelling what are you up to!?

November 10, 2019

Dominik Bindl / Stringer / Getty Images

Beverly Hills 90210, the reboot, entertained us this past summer as a scripted "reality show" of the cast getting back together to reboot the series...and while some of us enjoyed it (yea, I watched it all) we got the sad news it was axed for a second season a few days ago.

But is it really the end?

Check out that last paragraph of Tori Spelling's Insta post:

3 things happened this past summer... - 1. #bh90210 was the highest rated show of the summer . - 2. Our #bh90210 cast proved that after 20 years, you indeed CAN go home again... - 3. I didn’t cram myself (with 3 pairs of spanx! ) into a red dress I wore on tv when I was 18 years old for nothin... - Sometimes home isn’t where you ARE but who you are WITH. Together, our #bh90210 family can do anything. We’ve proved that to each other and our loyal fans. We ARE better together. - Our show is so meta that all the reality out there just helps us continue to evolve and gives us GREAT new storylines! The gift that keeps on giving. We aim to keep audiences guessing what will happen next. So stay tuned as our journey unfolds... #bh90210 #onthemove #myhighschooldressfits #miraclesdohappen

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"Stay tuned as our journey unfolds"?

Girl what does that mean!

I I scoured the internet looking for any info but came up with nothing! :(

Guess we'll just have to heed Tori's words and see how it "unfolds".

Do you want to see more 90210?