BREAKING NEWS: Louis Tomlinson's Sister Passes Away

Details on Felicite Tomlinson's sudden passing here...

March 14, 2019

Such sad and shocking news for the Tomlinson family as Louis' sister Felicite' suffered a heart attack and died today. She was ONLY 18!

Last Friday was a dream, spending time with you lovely people and sharing my newest project, thank you! Love you -- More to come----⚡️

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TMZ reported:

"18-year-old Félicité Tomlinson passed away Wednesday at her studio apartment in London. She collapsed from a heart attack, and someone in the apartment called for an ambulance ... but after paramedics tried to revive her, she was pronounced dead at the scene."

Felicite was a fashion designer (who didn't drink or smoke and was big into fitness) and 1 of 7 siblings (Louis is the oldest). All of the siblings are said to be very close - and more so since they lost their mother in 2016 to cancer.

What more can this poor family take!?

Miss you, hope you're having a good time on tour-- #mumswedding #throwback #comehomesoon

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Louis has canceled on a performance set for this Friday and is with his family right now grieving.

Such sad, sad news. 

Sending lots of prayers and love to the entire Tomlinson Family.