Cardi B Secretly Married Offset!

Offset was upgraded from 'fiance' to 'husband' a while ago! TRUTH! Find out more here!

June 25, 2018

© Anthony Behar

People are gagging over Cardi B's extravagant baby registry...but since we apparently owe her a WEDDING present too - maybe we can justify spending so much?

YES, you read that right! Cardi B and her fiance Offset are ALREADY married!

TMZ is reporting that Cardi got married months ago and actually applied for a marriage license back in September of 2017!

So that proposal we saw during October was allegely "just for show" since they were already married!

If that's true then we owe Cardi and Offset a huge congrats!

And if you're wondering how did this come about?

Last night at the BET Awards, Migos won an award and Offset thanked his "wife" people did some digging and found said marriage license.

For look at it click here: Cardi B and Offsets Marriage