Chance the Rapper Gives $1 Million Dollars Towards Chicago Mental Health

Chance the Hero is more like it! See how he's helping locals battling mental health here!

October 6, 2018

One thing anyone from anywhere knows about Chance the Rapper is that he loves his city. From his work with Special Olympics, CPS and now we can add his pledge to those suffering locally from mental illness. 

They always say, help starts with you in your own backyard - so showing that example what's up, Chance donated $1 million dollars to improve mental health services here in Chicago. #ChanceTheHero

Maybe this is a reaction to the passing of his good friend Mac Miller (who he is doing a tribute show for) but the amount of people this will help - and the chain reaction it will create - is literally a LIFE changer.

So Social Works (Chance's organization) will give 6 mental health providers in Cook County $100,000 grants to start, "My State of Mind" to help connect people with treatment saying:

[I] want to change the way that mental health resources are being accessed.

There is SO much free help available locally that people don't know about that can help and with this major contribution hopefully that will change.

Chance also said he would be donating to 20 more CPS schools this year.

What better way to show the city you love, love, then by wanting to make it as great as possible.

We appreciate you Chance and the lives you will impact will be indebted to you forever! <3