Daylight Savings is Happening this Weekend!

Spring is coming so time to change the clocks! Details here!

March 6, 2020
iStock/Getty Images

iStock/Getty Images

While we're all excited for spring to finally be here...daylights saving is happening this weekend and we're going to lose an hour!!

Remember the ole "Spring ahead" or "Spring forward" from elementary school? Well time to put it to use.

Daylight saving is happening (late Saturday) early Sunday, March 8th, 2020 - at 3:00 AM CST set your clocks 1-hour foward.

Most cells and televisions update automatically but change your oven/microwave displays and old school alarm clocks before you go to sleep on Saturday night.

So closer to spring = YAY!! Losing and an hour of sleep/partying = BOO! :(

Don't forget! Or you could be that person who is an hour late...but if you already are then uh-oh! :p

Happy Almost Spring! (First day of Spring is March 19th!)