Fat Tuesday = Paczki! Are you ready?

Find out where to find them and how to make them here!

February 24, 2020
iStock/ Getty Images

iStock/ Getty Images

It's going to be a delicious day in Chicago tomorrow because it's Fat Tuesday...and that means Paczki day!

YES! The yummy Polish donuts filled with jelly will be available at many local bakeries - so do you go on a tour to try them all ? How about making some of your own? We've got the answers to both below!

**Fun fact : The word "Paczki" is plural. The word "paczek" is singular. I assume no one knows the singular word because who eats just one right?! :p If you're trying to watch your summer bod 1-paczek is acceptable tomorrow then don't take the bus home, walk.

Where can you find Paczki around town? Check out this list here: CHICAGO PACZKI 2020 LIST 

If you find that you can't handle only eating this delish pastry once a year how about learn how to make them?

Check out this video below:

So where will you be getting your Paczki on tomorrow?

Happy Fat Tuesday!