Free Online Training for your Dog

PAWS Chicago is helping you train your dog virtually!

May 23, 2020
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iStock / Getty Images

Most people are working from home, kids are going to school from home - so why not train the dog from home too?

You can!

PAWS Chicago has a virtual training center with classes for new puppies to older dogs - even how to get your dog to jump threw a hula hoop!

Break out your dog treats because today, Joan and adoptable dog Travis are showing you how to teach your pup "down!" If you just can't get enough quality time with your furry best friend, make sure to sign up for our virtual training courses over at

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So cute right?

PAWS says:

"Training is designed to develop the human-to-animal bond, improve communications skills, build confidence, reward appropriate behavior, and prevent future behavior problems"

Plus, the training is also good for socialization - especially if your dog is use to being social! Social distancing affects animals too!

Joan Harris, PAWS Chicago Director of Canine Training and Behavior says:

"Dogs don't understand the COVID-19 quarantine, so they still need enrichment and training. Doing training from home, in the dog's environment, provides a unique opportunity to meet the dog's needs."

This is such a great idea!

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